Silvio's hair
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2014-06-01 02:22:34 UTC
I don't read anything into Silvio's overexaggerated facial grimaces or
lid. He's so much of an extreme composite characature that it has to
intentionally be that way. He kinda strikes me as Bandit on the Jonny
Quest cartoons. The settings and other characters on the show were
drawn somewhat realistically, yet Bandit was still drawn and came
across as a cartoon dog.
I think the guy is balding. That's why whenever I see him with Bruce
Springsteen, he's got that bandanna on. He is such a funny cliche mafia
guy, what with the silly rug and his overexaggerated bottom lip thing.
Little Steven's always done the bandana thing. And the 'grimace' isn't too
far off of reality, IMO.
Steven Van Zandt wears the bandana to cover male pattern baldness and scarring from a car accident. While playing the part of Silvio, Steven wore a wig. The creators of the Sopranos wanted to make it appear obvious that Silvio was wearing a wig. However, in the final episode of the Sopranos, Silvio was shot numerous times, struck by a car, and hastily loaded into an ambulance. Silvio's wig should have come loose or fallen off during the series of traumatic events. When Tony visited Silvio in the hospital, the TV audience saw a very close up view of the comatose Silvio's face. Silvio had a perfectly natural hairline. Apparently Silvio's Hair (not Steven Van Zandt's) hair was real all along.
2015-06-06 23:14:28 UTC
Steve Lento (AKA Steve Van Zandt) had an accident when he was a teenager and gor ptojected through the windshield of his car.
The accident permanently damaged parts of hs scalp making it impossible for hair to geow in certain spots of his head so growing hs hair would make him look like a freaky "potato head", for this reason he has always worn hats first and bandannas then since he was in his early 20.
Being that the Sopranos character mobster "Silvio Dante" would not have been credible wearing a bandanna or constantly wearing a hat in every scene Chase and his people opted for the odd wig.
Actually if you see the first pilot episode of the series "Silvio" wears a much more normal and almost credible and natural headpiece, afterwards it was decided that having him wear an oviously exagerated and innatural hairpiece would render better the character and the corrupt/crazy/sociopathic ambience he mingles in throught the show.
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